Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday the 28th of December 2008

Strange weather. It was at least 60 degrees here in Sun Valley today. The ground is damp. The wind was strong and the whole thing reminded me of early spring.
Dad and Grandmother watched the Steelers win today from their separate vantage points. I think Mom slept through most of the game, but the action on TV kept us all involved, and not sleeping - because it was a sleepy kind of day.
I drove to the Rite Aid, CVS and Krogers on errands but it was good just to get out of the house.
Linda made the pork chop casserole with sauerkraut, brown sugar, onions, apples and fried boneless thin pork chops. She's "pulling a double" today to give Brenda a weekend off. Linda is working with Grandma to pull out the phlegm that plagues her each night and keeps her coughing. Kim did that last night, too.
I'm looking forward to the New Year. Might as well; it will come anyway.

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